Members only section

If you are a paid up member of our club you can have access to the members only section of the club’s website.

Content available in the members’ area
  • Competion results  – lists of the 5 highest scoring top images for each of our  competitions.
  • Other news and offers received – mainly information received about products and services relating to photography and specifically marketed to our members.
  • Downloads – an area where we can make available, either temporarily or more permanently, items such as presentations, tips and tricks, etc.
  • Courses available in our region – costs range from £25 to £250.
How to access the members area

It can be accessed from the menu on the main website.  It requires a WordPress user name and password because they host our website.  Our webmaster will then need to approve you as a user of the members area before you can gain access.  A full guide to the process can be found here.

Any ideas?

The above has been implemented  in response to feedback from members.

Please let the webmaster ( know if you have further ideas as to how our main website or the members area could benefit you and add value to your membership.