The Practical Camera Club (of Southampton)

Developing our hobby in the digital age

Examples of our members work

Here we present some examples of our members’ work.

The copyright in each image displayed on this website belongs to the photographer who reserves all rights relating to the image.

Evening At Honningsvåg by Dave McGill
Owl Eye by Bob Crouch
Andrews Mare by Colin Leach
Enjoying The View by Denis Peters
In The Shadows by Kerry Redding
Patternz by Kerry Redding
Window At Castel Del Monte by Gary Armour
Omega Mechanics by Terry Noakes
Busy Outperforming by Denis Peters
Rainbow Eye by Jackie Hargreaves
Keeping Snug by Peter Hill
Anti Theft Bikes by Kevin Cann
UK Summer Holiday by Denis Peters
Karianne by Gary Armour
Wells Cathedral by Gary Armour
Jefferson Memorial by David Smith
Sunrise by Jackie Hargreaves
Tide’s Out At Bosham by Trudy Biles
Dream by Colin Darkin
Kingfisher Tossing His Catch by Trudy Biles
Mosque by Barry Digweed

Many members will have known Malcolm Leach who was a highly knowledgable exponent of Photoshop and Lightroom and a long standing member of the club. There is a tribute to him and several examples of his work here.