The Practical Camera Club (of Southampton)

Developing our hobby in the digital age

Welcome to Practical Camera Club web-site.

Who we are

The Practical Camera Club (of Southampton) was founded by a small group of local enthusiasts to provide mutual support in developing knowledge and skills in their chosen hobby.  It was formerly known as the Lordshill Camera Club.

Our Mission Statement

The Practical Camera Club (of Southampton) is a club that is uniquely focused on helping its members develop the skills that they require to enjoy their hobby through practical meetings that focus on hands-on learning in a friendly and inclusive environment.


Through weekly meetings we provide facilities and skills for the members, as a group or on a one-to-one basis, to develop the skills that they require to enjoy their hobby.

  • Provide a program of evenings and events that are driven by the needs and wishes of the members.
  • Provide informed advice to members on the selection and use of digital equipment and software including cameras, photo printers and personal computer equipment.
  • Provide equipment that would normally be beyond that justified by an individual.
  • Provide high quality interactive skills workshops on the use of Photoshop and similar software for image enhancement and old print restoration.
  • Provide practical workshops on taking photographs of a wide range of subjects and lighting situations.
  • Hold occasional field trips to allow members to practice their capabilities and to get experience in new situations.
  • Hold internal competitions that are judged and analysed by the club members as a peer activity.
  • Provide a one month ‘try us for free’ for potential new members.
  • Provide the occasional social activity for members and friends to enjoy one another’s company.