Lastest PDI entries and results

The entries and results for the competition held on 28 April and prior have been uploaded to the website in the section “For our members”.

See the main menu for this and enter the password, then click the link for PDI Entries.

These will be critiqued online on 5 May and we hope you can join us for our online meetings.

Most members have attended our online meetings so attendance has proved to be at our normal levels. If you are a member and have concerns about joining us online or would like to know how to do so, please contact Peter, our Secretary. He facilitates the meetings and will be happy to assist you.

Images for our first two online competitions are available to view

The entries for the competitions held on 31 March and 14 April have been uploaded to the website in the section “For our members” (see the main menu for this and enter the password, then click the link for PDI Entries).

If a member has difficulty accessing this please contact the secretary or webmaster who will be happy to assist you.

We hope you enjoy looking at the images again. There are some excellent ones among them.

Online meetings during the Coronavirus lockdown

Like many camera clubs, we have moved our meetings online due to the restrictions that have been imposed to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

The formal published programme has been put to one side and we are are meeting via Zoom and holding our competitions remotely. If any member would like help with Zoom please contact the secretary in the first instance.

The programme is being decided on a more ad hoc basis for the time being and our members are being kept up to date by email.

If you are not a member and do not receive the latest information by email, please check in to our website and select “Latest News” from the menu or register on the site to automaticall receive the updates that are posted there.

We hope you are still able to practise your photographic skills and technique during this extraordinary time. But, above all, we hope you stay safe and stay well.

Weekly presentations

The club may be closed for meetings due to restrictions imposed to reduce the spread of the Cornavirus, but the show must go on…

As well as online PDI competitions, the first of which has just closed to entries, club members continue to deliver presentations on various topics.

The presentations will build into a structured introduction to photgography and will be curated on our website so they will be available to our members to review and for future members to see.

To view or download them, members should select the menu option “For our members” and enter the password. The next screen shows the resources available. The link at the top of the list takes you to a page with the individual presentations listed.

Club meetings suspended due to Coronavirus

The Chairman and Secretary have discussed the latest government recommendations and the implications for the club.

Whichever way we cut it, if we continued to meet it would be contrary to the advice and instructions issued this evening in the press briefing.

We will continue to monitor the situation and, as soon as we can see a change for the better in the situation, we will be back in touch.

In the meantime if anyone has any ideas as to what we could do to run a virtual club activity let us know. We are already thinking about how w might hold virtual PDI competitions.

Don’t forget that both are available to provide help if needed. Just send an email with a summary of the help that you require and your telephone number (for details see email circulated to members dated 16 March 2020) and they will get back to you a.s.a.p.


Our programme of events for the first quarter of 2020 is available here on our website.

Keep checking back to keep up to date with what is coming up: topics for later dates will be added once some final arrangments have been confirmed, and changes to the programme are sometimes necessary.


Members only section

If you are a fully paid up member of our club you can have access to most password protected areas of the site.  The password can be obtained from the Secretary at club meetings.

Content includes

  • pdi competition entries
  • competition results
  • information from recent meetings
  • photography exhibitions and shows
  • various other photography tips, tricks and resources.
  • past years’ programmes


Competition results

A list of the most highly placed images in the club’s internal competitions is regularly updated to include all our competitions so far this year.  It can be found in the members area of the website.

Competition rule change

The rules were amended to reflect a decision to increase the maximum image sizes for our internal PDI competitions.  Images may be no more than 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high.  The change has already been implemented.

A workflow for submitting PDIs

At the request of some members, we have added a step by step guide to help our members submit entries to our internal club PDI competitions.  It is just one approach; there are plenty of others!

We will take on board any comments that our members have and update the guide as necessary.

To view/download the guide, first go to our website and from the main menu select “Competitions”.

You will find a new section headed “How to ensure PDIs comply with club rules” which contains a link to the guide.