23 April – PDI competition

Our meeting on 23 April will be a PDI competition.  The subject is Open so any subject can be entered and images can be in colour or black and white.

Could members please email their entries to Gary on this occasion as he will be assembling the competition.  His email address was recently circulated to our members and is available via the Committee page on this website.  Please help him and the webmaster by submitting entries in the correct format with the title of the image and your names included in the filename.

Upcoming meetings:

On 30 April we return to the topic of lighting as we look at High Key lighting.  If you go to the “For Our Members” page you will find a link to “Resources from recent meetings” where you will find links to the three videos on lighting.

We will welcome an external judge to our first meeting in May to discuss the well placed entries in the PDI competitions held in the first quarter together with the first colour and monochrome print competitions of the year.


Competition results

A list of the most highly placed images in the club’s internal competitions has been updated to include all competitions so far this year.  It can be found in the members area of the website.

Competition rule change

The rules have been amended to reflect the recent decision to increase the maximum image sizes for our internal PDI competitions.  Images may be no more than 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high.  The change has already taken been implemented.

Workflow for submitting PDIs

Following on from a presentation a few weeks ago, and at the request of some members, we have added a step by step guide to help our members submit entries to our internal club PDI competitions.  It is just one approach; there are plenty of others!

We will take on board any comments that our members have and update the guide as necessary.

To view/download the guide, first go to our website and from the main menu select “Competitions”.

You will find a new section headed “How to ensure PDIs comply with club rules” which contains a link to the guide.