Service to others

The club will take on photographic work for other organisations and individuals.  Although we are not professionals our aim is to provide services to high standards in a professional manner.  The work can vary from individual or family portraits to school proms, sports events and functions.

The club works on the basis of a donation towards club funds in recognition of the equipment utilised and time spent processing the images taken.

The only limiting criterion is that the club has the skills to perform a competent job.  Where this is in doubt the club may agree to do the work as a learning experience and at the club’s expense.  It may provide, gratis, a photo or portfolio to the requester.

No attempt is made to offer a commercial service.

Past sessions have included:

  • Bowls Club group photograph and presidents’ portraits
  • Drama Club dress rehearsals
  • Family groups
  • Hairdresser’s models
  • Model railway rolling stock construction records
  • Portfolio for an aspiring actor
  • Professional dancer
  • Professional flautist
  • School prom photos
  • Soccer team player photographs