Meeting on 22 January and web updates

Next week

The subject for our next meeting will be the Exposure Triangle.

So we will consider the relationship between Time, Aperture and ISO, their impact on the image in addition to exposure, semi automatic modes (Aperture and Time priority), and why you might choose manual mode.

The programme for 2019 has been published with full details for the first quarter and a general plan for the rest of the year.  The first half is oriented towards technique (in camera and in studio) and the second half sees more slots for post processing/photo editing sessions.


We have made some significant changes to our website in 2019.  The menu now includes a section “For our members“.  The password for this will be sent to members soon.  You will find here the competition results, PDI entries, notes from our meetings and a variety of other resources.  This is the dynamic area of the website and will be updated frequently, so do become familiar with it and keep an eye open for new material.  We do not want to clutter your inboxes so we will not be notifying you of every change!

The rest of the website will be fairly static.

It would help if even our experienced members were familiar with our website’s content so that they know what is available for new members and can recommend items accordingly.


Exhibition at Salisbury Museum from 19 January to 4 May 2019

The Origins of Photography in Salisbury 1839 – 1919

This exhibition provides an overview of the rise of photography in Salisbury during the first decade or so of the medium’s existence up to the end of the First World War.

While amateur photography began in and around the city during the 1840s, it was following the 1851 Great Exhibition that commercial photography took off in Salisbury. 

The exhibition will examine the photographers of the 1850s and 1860s and the subject matter and photographic formats they exploited. The extensive collection of the Salisbury Museum and other local collections will provide examples of a wide range of images of Salisbury and the surrounding area.

Normal admission prices apply, for example, adult admission is £8 and a 50% discount is available for English Heritage members. 

Update re. members only section

Members only section has been replaced by password protected content

It was decided at the AGM in January 2019 that we would no longer maintain a link to a separate members area due to lack of interest and complexity of the sign up process.  Some of the information that was available there will be transferred to this website.

As a consequence, it is likely that more of this public facing site will be password protected.

If you are a fully paid up member of our club you can have access to most password protected areas of the site.  The password can be obtained at club meetings.

Content that was available in the members’ area
  • Competion results  – lists of the 5 highest scoring top images for each of our  competitions.
  • Other news and offers received – mainly information received about products and services relating to photography and specifically marketed to our members.
  • Downloads – an area where we can make available, either temporarily or more permanently, items such as presentations, tips and tricks, etc.
  • Courses available in our region with costs ranging from around £25 to £250.


Competition results

A list of the most highly placed images in the club’s internal competitions has been updated to include all competitions so far this year.  It can be found in the members area of the website.

Competition rule change

The rules have been amended to reflect the recent decision to increase the maximum image sizes for our internal PDI competitions.  Images may be no more than 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high.  The change has already taken been implemented.

Workflow for submitting PDIs

Following on from a presentation a few weeks ago, and at the request of some members, we have added a step by step guide to help our members submit entries to our internal club PDI competitions.  It is just one approach; there are plenty of others!

We will take on board any comments that our members have and update the guide as necessary.

To view/download the guide, first go to our website and from the main menu select “Competitions”.

You will find a new section headed “How to ensure PDIs comply with club rules” which contains a link to the guide.