18 June – Out on location

Next week, 18th June, we will be having a practical photography evening at Boltons Bench, Lyndhurst.

Approaching Lyndhurst on the A35, turn off left onto the Beaulieu Road (B3056). The car park is right after the junction. Meet there at 6.45 to 7.00pm.  Sunset is 9:23pm as we enjoy the longest days of the year.

The following week is a PDI competiton.


Members only section

If you are a fully paid up member of our club you can have access to most password protected areas of the site.  The password can be obtained from the Secretary at club meetings.

Content includes

  • pdi competition entries
  • competition results
  • information from recent meetings
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  • various other photography tips, tricks and resources.


Competition results

A list of the most highly placed images in the club’s internal competitions is regularly updated to include all our competitions so far this year.  It can be found in the members area of the website.

Competition rule change

The rules were amended to reflect a decision to increase the maximum image sizes for our internal PDI competitions.  Images may be no more than 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high.  The change has already been implemented.

Workflow for submitting PDIs

At the request of some members, we have added a step by step guide to help our members submit entries to our internal club PDI competitions.  It is just one approach; there are plenty of others!

We will take on board any comments that our members have and update the guide as necessary.

To view/download the guide, first go to our website and from the main menu select “Competitions”.

You will find a new section headed “How to ensure PDIs comply with club rules” which contains a link to the guide.