The Practical Camera Club (of Southampton)

Developing our hobby in the digital age

Resources from recent meetings

Here are some links to material covered in past meetings, most recent first.

There is a seperate page for the recent presentations which together will comprise an Introduction to Photography

Any instructions generally assume Windows and Adobe Photoshop editing software, so YMMV.


26 May – Using the DISTORT tool to correct verticals and horizontals

  • Presentation notes – Removing distortions to verticals and horizontals introduced by lens choice and camera angles (includes usee the BURN and PATCH tools fo rother aspects of the image). The image used to illustrate the techniques was Keith’s image here.

05 May – Macro PDI follow up – tips and techniques

  • As a follow up to our Macro and Close-up PDI competition, Terry Harris kindly put together some thoughts on Macro photography, including examples and how to mitigate some common problems.

11 Feb – Nightime photography


24 Sep – HDR (High Dynamic Range)

13 Aug – Selections for local adjustments during editing

  • Presentation – Image Improvement Through Basic Selection Tools
  • Adobe video “Clean up a selection in the Select and Mask workspace”

02 Jul – Challenges of Macro photography and Focus Stacking

30 Apr – High Key lighting

16 Apr – Low Key lighting video

02 Apr – Judging and Planning for SCPF 2020 exhibition

05 Feb – Five styles of studio lighting

22 Jan – Exposure triangle

15 Jan – Resize an image and add a border