Programme of Events

Current programme

We meet throughout the year and enjoy a varied programme which is available to view or download here

We are not meeting in person at present due to the Coronavirus Covid-19; so instead we have moved online.  We are holding virtual meetings and online competitions.  The programme is being announced in emails to members and the programme on this website is being updated regularly to reflect the ad hoc changes to the these arrangements.

Typical activities during the year include the following.

Studio evenings

These are held to allow members to try portraiture, object recording, close ups, table tops etc.  We have a comprehensive studio flash system and a continuous lighting set up and various backgrounds and other studio support equipment.

These evenings allow for the understanding of lighting and how it can be used.  We hold studio evenings for the taking of individual portraits and groups of family members and friends.  If any member has a specific wish to use the studio for another different purpose we will support that activity.

We have the ability to display the images as they are being shot using an overhead digital projector and screen.  This allows all the members present to evaluate the images, lighting and posing as it happens.

Photoshop workshops

These workshops are held based on the needs of the members and can vary from very basic operations through to advanced techniques.

If required, we can run beginners classes and more advanced classes in parallel.

We believe this approach provides significantly better value to the individual than attending adult classes with fixed courses.

Camera Usage

The use of camera settings and how to take better photographs by controlling your camera is inherent in all that we do but specific aspects of the camera’s operation and controls are also covered.

We also believe there isn’t a correct camera, just cameras with different limitations that may or may not be a problem for the user.  We can help with how to manage those limitations and sometimes how to by-pass the limitations.

Field trips

These are local trips taken by the club that are aimed at stretching, a little, the members ability to take photographs of slightly abnormal subjects and/or conditions.  These have included Old Southampton at dusk, Romsey at night, various parts of the New Forest, Ocean Village, inside Southampton’s Red Lion Pub, The Hawk Conservatory, Gatwick Aircraft Museum, the Ancient Vaults of Southampton etc.

Competitions and Picture Evaluations

The club holds three different competitions in each of the first 3 quarters of the year.  The competitions are:

  • Monochrome Prints
  • Colour Prints
  • Projected Digital Images

Entry is voluntary but we ask everyone present on the night of the judging to take part in the scoring process.

The club believes that looking at other people’s pictures and analysing them is a way of teaching people to analyse their own pictures both after and before taking them.  To this end the club has an occasional evening critiquing photographs that have been published by non-members.  This is complemented by our internal competitions where each member of the club gets the opportunity to score each entry (except their own).  After the scoring is completed the members present discuss the merits of all the entries.

No prizes are awarded apart from peer recognition!

Social Evenings

We hold occasional social evenings.  Such events have included Barbecues, Cheese and Wine, Dinners, Skittles and Ten-Pin Bowling.