The Practical Camera Club (of Southampton)

Developing our hobby in the digital age

PDI – 6 September 2016

Images submitted for the competition on 6 September 2016.

The copyright in each image belongs to the photographer and all rights are reserved.

A Chat Between Battles by Malcolm Leach
Bag Maker by Jackie Hargreaves
Beggar Girl by Jackie Hargreaves
Bodyscape by Gary Armour
Bring Out The Band by Ron Jones
Croatian Shutters by Dennis Back
Des Res With Sea Views by Malcolm Leach
Dragon Fly by Trudy Biles
Eye in the Thames by Bob Crouch
Gin Girl by Jackie Hargreaves
Good Morning by Barry Digweed
Hay For A Change by Dennis Back
Humpback Whale by Barry Digweed
I’m Watching You! by Dennis Back
It’s A Tram! by Kevin Cann
Lavender by Simon Cornwell
Lighthouse Guernsey by Barry Digweed
Miss Practical Camera Club by Malcolm Leach
Mogshade by Simon Cornwell
Morris Dancing by Ron Jones
Mount Tiede by Simon Cornwell
Natures Bridge by Kevin Cann
Nice And Tidy by Peter Hill
Nude Study by Gary Armour
Recuperating Molly by Colin Darkin
Redundant Passenger Terminal by Kevin Cann
Relaxing In The Cafe – by Trudy Biles
Relaxing On The Steps by Trudy Biles
Sail Boarder by Bob Crouch
Standing Rocks Bob Crouch
Starlike by Colin Darkin
The Docks At Sunset by Peter Hill
The Flint Napper by Gary Armour
Two Queens and A Commoner by Peter Hill