The Practical Camera Club (of Southampton)

Developing our hobby in the digital age

PDI – 31 March 2020

Images submitted for the monochrome competition on 31 March 2020 for which the subject was “Around The House”.

The copyright in each image belongs to the photographer and all rights are reserved.

Brilliant Bokeh by Ray
Can’t Wait For Summer by Roy Nailor
Change by Terry Harris
Dangling Caterpillar by Peter Hill
Drip by Terry Harris
Fluff by Terry Harris
Fruit bowl (think about it) by Peter Hill
It’s a hard life by Colin Darkin
Magpie Nest Building by Peter Hill
Memories Of Holland by Roy-Nailor
My Daughters Bedroom by Keith Palmer
No Way Out by Denis Peters
No1A Autographic by Ray
Old Harry By Bob Crouch
Puning Needed by Trudy Biles
Ribbon Lady by Dennis Back
Social Distancing by Denis Peters
Strawberry Bomb by Ray
Sympathetic Curves and Flutes by Colin Hicks
Tea Pots 2 by Clare Satterly
Tea pots by Clare Satterly
That Time Of Year Again by Colin Hicks
The Angel At Laycock by Bob Crouch
The Game Of Life by Keith Palmer
The Garden Shed by Dennis Back
There Goes Another Can by Roy Nailor
View From My Garden Last Autumn by Keith Palmer
Wash And Shave by Coin Hicks
Watching Paint Dry by Denis Peters
Way To Go by Bob Crouch
White Lily by Dennis Back
Your Move by Trudy Biles