The Practical Camera Club (of Southampton)

Developing our hobby in the digital age

PDI – 28 May 2019

Some images submitted for the competition on 28 May 2019.

The copyright in each image belongs to the photographer and all rights are reserved.

Abandoned Boats by Colin Darkin
Amazing Grace by Keith Palmer
Aphid by Kerry Redding
Arundel Castle Gardens by Colin Leach
At Arlington by Keith Palmer
Basingstoke Canal by Denis Peters
Beaulieu House by Colin Darkin
Big Cheese Inspecting The Little Cheeses by Peter Hill
Bird On A Log by Bob Crouch
Boat House by Bob Crouch
Boat House In A Glass Ball by Bob Crouch
Boulder To Shore by Kevin Cann
Dog In The Park by Dawn Rouvray
Flame Thrower by Dawn Rouvray
Glass Blowing by Peter Hill
Heron All Ready For Take Off by Trudy Biles
It’s Ready by Dennis Back
Jade by Kerry Redding
Lady At The Window by Colin Leach
Magic Lantern by Kevin Cann
New Forest by Colin Darkin
Pied Avocet In Flight by Trudy Biles
Reflections On A London Skyline by Keith Palmer
Signets 2 by Colin Leach
Steam Day Guide by David Raggett
Taking Off by Denis Peters
Tewin by Dawn Rouvray
The Chicken Shed by Dennis Back
Thundercat Flying by Dave McGill
Tower Ships by Denis Peters
Tunisian Cart Drive by Dennis Back
Waiting For A Bite by Kevin Cann
Watersplash by Kerry Redding
Yacht 1 by Dave McGill