The Practical Camera Club (of Southampton)

Developing our hobby in the digital age

PDI – 14 April 2020

Images submitted for the competition on 14 April 2020 for which the subject was “From The Archives”.

The copyright in each image belongs to the photographer and all rights are reserved.

Another Fine Mess by Keith Palmer
Archived by Kerry Redding
Archivist by Kerry Redding
At The End Of Another Day by Roy Nailor
Black Naped Monarch At Night by David Baker
Blue Eyes by Ray
Candle Offering by Dennis Back
Chartres River L’eur by Colin Hicks
Chewing It Over by Keith Palmer
Corfe Castle by Peter Hill
Cormorant Drying Its Wings by Trudy Biles
Dahlia by Roy Nailor
Egret Landing by Trudy Biles
Farewell by Kerry Redding
Fawley Moonrise by Michael Doling
Feeling Relaxed At Home by David Smith
Gondola Bliss by Ray
Hengistbury Head by Reuben
High Flying by Gary Armour
Kylie’s Soundcheck At Blenheim by Colin Hicks
Lagging Behind by Denis Peters
Locked And Loaded by Kevin Cann
Lunchtime by Gary Armour
March Of The Titans by Kevin Cann
Mount Teide by Gary Armour
New Forest Pony by Trudy Biles
New Life by Ray
No Vacancies by John White
Now I Know What A Moat Feels Like by Denis Peters
Old Harry by Bob Crouch
On the Fence by Terry Harris
Owl by Reuben
Petronas Twin Towers by Dennis Back
Photographing The Needles by Denis Peters
Pony by Reuben
Props Can Go Fast Too by Dave McGill
Remember Lancia by Dave McGill
Rockford Ponies by Terry Harris
Rocking By The Fire by Roy Nailor
Stormy Las Vegas Skyline by Peter Hill
Sunbathing Insect by Kevin Cann
The Angel At Laycock by Bob Crouch
The Train Now Standing by John White
The Wild West by Peter Hill
Titchfield Abbey by John White
Too Cute by Dave McGill
Trees Of Upperford Copse by Terry Harris
Warrior by Jackie Hargreaves
Water Powered Pump by Dennis Back
Way To Go by Bob Crouch
Wending Their Way Home by Keith Palmer
Xmas Fairy by Jackie Hargreaves
Yosemite Falls 1973 by Colin Hicks