The Practical Camera Club (of Southampton)

Developing our hobby in the digital age

PDI – 09 February 2016

Images submitted for the competition on 09 February 2016.

The copyright in each image belongs to the photographer and all rights are reserved.

A Day Out by Kerry Redding
Angry River by John White
Architectural Portrait by Jackie Hargreaves
Bell Tower in Budapest by David Smith
Bridge Structure by Colin Darkin
Brothers by Dennis Back
Cambodian Boat Girl by Gary Armour
Cloud Cap by Bob Crouch
Clouds by Gary Armour
Coast by Sean Burgess
Durdle Door by Mike Lindridge
Estate View by Colin Darkin
Faces Off by Kevin Cann
Field of Wild Flowers by Trudy Biles
Firemen by Sean Burgess
Forest Morning by Simon Cornwell
From Russia With Love by Jackie Hargreaves
Gaudis Sagrada Familia by Peter Hill
Greenhouse by David Smith
Happy Families by Peter Hill
Highcliffe Castle by John White
In the Bath by Barry Digweed
John by Colin Darkin
Keyhaven by Simon Cornwell
Lizup by Kevin Cann
Lonely Cottage by John White
Looking Up Buckfast Abbey by Mike Lindridge
Lulworth Cove by Steve Wren
New Shoes by Jackie Hargreaves
Pete by Kerry Redding
Portrait by Dave Raggett
Pour Out A Landscape by Dennis Peters
Reflections by Kerry Redding
Rockford Common by David Smith
Splash-moo by Denis Peters
Stow Temple by Bob Crouch
The Long And Winding Road by Trudy Biles
The Standing Stone by Gary Armour
Three Sisiters by Dennis Back
View Across the Lake by Bob Crouch
Village Lane by Barry Digweed
Waiting for Buddha by Kevin Cann
Wells Cathedral by Dennis Back
Winchester Cathedral by Barry Digweed
Yvonne by Steve Wren