The Practical Camera Club (of Southampton)

Developing our hobby in the digital age

PDI – 03 May 2016

Images submitted for the competition on 03 May 2016.

The copyright in each image belongs to the photographer and all rights are reserved.

An English Vista by John White
Aston Martin JB007 by David Smith
Audi by Sean Burgess
Beach by Steve Wren
Cat by Sean Burgess
Civic Centre Clock Tower by Trudy Biles
Civic Centre Sunset by Peter Hill
Corfe Chuff-chuff by Denis Peters
Fenced Off by Simon Cornwell
For The Desperate by Dennis Back
Harry And The Hercules by Denis Peters
Hurry – The Storm’s Coming by Peter Hill
Jet Ski by Steve Wren
Kite Surfer by Bob Crouch
Longstock Morning by Simon Cornwell
Lunchtime by Simon Cornwell
Maritime Museum by Bob Crouch
Night Flight by Malcolm Leach
Off To Drown My Brother by Denis Peters
Portrait Of A Locust by Malcolm Leach
Raindrops On My Rosehead by Kevin Cann
Reach For The Sky by Kevin Cann
Rudeshein Street Cuckoo Clock by Colin Darkin
Running In Red by David Smith
Shipwreck by Sean Burgess
Sophia 2 by Gary Armour
Southampton High Street At Night by Trudy Biles
Stockbridge by Colin Darkin
The Remnants Of Leptis Magna by Trudy Biles
Tranquillity by Bob Crouch
Tranquillity by John White
Tudor House by David Smith
Turtle Bay By Gary Armour
Tyntesfield by Dennis Back
West Quay Bridge by Dennis Back
Wood Vasa Matter by Kevin Cann