The Practical Camera Club (of Southampton)

Developing our hobby in the digital age

Basics of Photography

Here are some items that may help our members understand the basics of photography and digital photo editing, and a little beyond.

Mentoring within the club

The members of the club have a wide range of photographic and editing experience, and we would like you to feel very welcome, whatever your own level of experience.

If you have little or no experience, we want you to have the confidence to contribute to our meetings with your own questions, opinions and ideas, and to benefit from the support we can offer to develop your hobby in the digital age.

To this end the club has a mentoring scheme.

Your mentor should run through an initial assessment to identify your current level of experience and how you wish to progress.

Gaining control of your DSLR

Tim Savage is a phographer and writer.  He presents short courses at West Dean College, Chichester covering an introduction to Lightroom and gaining control of your DSLR.  The latter course covers similar ground to his presentation Gaining Control Of Your DSLR which is freely available on his website.  It covers quite a lot of ground.