Ransomeware potential

Canon has issued an advisory note regarding a potential security flaw in the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) it uses for transferring pictures from many of its camera models to a PC, laptop, tablet etc.

See Canon’s post here for a brief description of the issue and steps to take to minimise the risk. These risk management actions can be applied to other makes as well.

The PTP is not only used by Canon so other makes can also be at risk.

Firmware updates for several Canon models have already been issued and can be downloaded from their website. Canon has said it will be issuing firmware updates for all affected cameras. The full list includes models in the 1D, 5D, 6D, 7d, 70D, 80D, mirrorless and powershot models.

Photographers should remain vigilant and check for security updates from the manufacturers of their equipment, not just Canon.