11 December and free mags

Coming up

On Tuesday we will will be previewing all the entries (including our own) from the clubs in our division of the SCPF league.  It is a great opportunity see examples of, and comment on, the other clubs’ work.  Then next year we will host our round of the league competition when we will see the images again and hear the views of an external judge.

Our final meeting for the year will take place on 18 December.  It will be an internal  PDI competition for the Len Fergusson Trophy.  Len had a particular interest in portraiture so entries should have as their main subject matter one or more people.  They need not be formal portraits, it simply means that the person(s) should be readily identifiable as the main subject of the image.  

Outdoor Photography magazines

A local photographer is offering about 150 issues of Outdoor Photography magazine dating from 2002 to 2014.  They are available free of charge and are said to be in very clean and good condition in 5 boxes.  If you are interested in these please ask the Secretary or the Chair at the next meeting for the owner’s contact details.